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National Funding

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Not an oportunity but a strategic tool for a healthy business mamagement 

Our track record shows the experience achieved: over 400 clients who have submitted more than 3,000 proposals over the years, with a total value of the loans that exceeds € 3 billion and a success-rate above 80%. 

  • Analysis of the company and its needs
  • Assistance in the preparation of the technical plan
  • Support during the evaluation process and interface with the managing institution
  • Assistance during the financial reporting and technical phase, until the last supply of the loan granted
  • Evaluation of the development plans and of the most suitable proposal
  • Set up of the Business Plan

The main areas of intervention:

Research and Innovation
for the development of products and / or innovative processes
Business Development
for investment programs and increase of the companies’ production capacity
   For the foreign development