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Since 2003 we work with start-ups, including those in the form of university spin-offs . Startup is a synonym of innovation. However, innovation alone is not enough to create a good business plan: we guide new entrepreneurs, planning growth strategies, giving value to the innovative nature of the company and providing assistance for the development of a comprehensive business plan.

Our help is expressed in many ways, involving cooperation with highly qualified partners

  • Analysis of the idea and its market potential
  • IPR management
  • Support in the building phase
  • Development strategies and business plans
  • Identification of subsidized loans to support the company's growth plans
  • Partnership set-up
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What's new

  • Molise Region: HIGH TECH BUSINESS

    The Molise Region’ "High Tech Business" is addressed to innovative start up in the Molise region. 2 million € for projects of economic value enhancement of research results and/or for the development of new high-tech, innovative products, processes and services. Closure on December 31, 2017. Info

    Giugno 2017
  • Lazio Region: two events for startups!

    Lazio Region and Lazio Innova organize two events for startups:”VentureUp: innovazione, impresa e capitali” and “StartupLazio! Storie e prospettive di un ecosistema”, that will take place on 16 an 17 may. The two events will allow startups to meet venture capital funds and potential investors.

    Maggio 2017
  • Lazio Region: Call for Innovative Startups and Spin-offs

    Lazio Innova presented the Call “Pre-seed” addressed to Innovative Startups and Spin-offs. 4 Million € wil be allocated for the creation and consolidation of Innovative Startups (1,5 M €) and intiziative of Research Spin-offs. The one-stop-shop starts from April 20, 2017 at 12 am.

    Marzo 2017
  • Zero interest loan for Tuscan innovative start-ups

    Tuscany Region launches the Call assigning zero interest loans for innovative start-ups. The application can be submitted by Micro and Small Enterprises established within 3 years, natural persons that will establish their company within 6 months, Research organisations’ Spin Off and FABLABS. More information

    Novembre 2016
  • Smart&Start: incoming resourses for the enterprise development in the South of Italy

    The Ministry of Economic Development assigns new financial resources to “Smart&Start Italia” in favor of innovative start-ups present in the less developed Regions (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily) and in the Regions in transition (Abruzzo, Molise and Sardinia) Info

    Ottobre 2016
  • Emilia Romagna Region: incentives for innovative startup

    The Emilia Romagna Region has launched 6M Euros of funds to support the creation and consolidation of innovative startups. The application shall include the Business plan of the project and shall be filled in exclusively online within September 30 2016. More info

    Giugno 2016
  • Lazio Region: Irap reimbursment for innovative startups

    Lazio Region launches a new measure to support innovative startups, allowing the firms with at least one branch in Lazio to receive a tax refund (Irap), total or partial, for the first two fiscal years. The requests can be submitted from 1 to 15 September 2016. More info

    Giugno 2016
  • Lazio Innova: support for cultural and creative Startups

    The Lazio Region has allocated 1.2 million to support the creation and/or the development of MSMEs with highly creative and innovative content. The Call provides for a contribution of 30.000€: the submission applications takes place via GeCoWEB within March 31 2016.

    Febbraio 2016
  • Smart&Start: February 1st 2016 results

    Results published. The average percentage of approval is around 33%. Value Services can boast a 90% success rate as evidence of projects’ validity but also of the professionalism expressed by its Working Group. Click here >>

    Febbraio 2016
  • Smart&Start

    Value Services has achieved another success during the first edition of Smart&Start announcement, gaining over 90% of projects approved with a total value of loans amounted to 4 million euros.

    Novembre 2015
  • Smart&Start Italia

    All the information about the results of the second edition of the Smart & Start call availableAll the information about the results of the second edition of the Smart & Start call available click here >>

    Luglio 2015
  • Smart&Start Italia

    With the Convention signed by the Ministry of Economic Development, ABI and Invitalia, the innovative start-ups will see their grants from Smart&Start Italia allocated faster. For more information click here >>

    Maggio 2015
  • Innovative startups - Investment Compact

    The time of registration in the Special Register of innovative startups changes from 48 to 60 months. For more information click here click here>>

    Maggio 2015