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Team Working

Our team has specialized expertise, excellent technical skills and complementary experience. We work with experienced consultants, both on a national and international level .

  • Mario Giacobbo Scavo

    Mario Giacobbo Scavo

    CEO m.giacobboscavo@valueser.it
  • Maria Cristina Giacobbo Scavo

    Maria Cristina Giacobbo Scavo

    General Manager mc.giacobboscavo@valueser.it
  • Clara Montagna

    Clara Montagna

    Business Development Manager c.montagna@valueser.it
  • Antonio Canichella

    Antonio Canichella

    National Funding Manager a.canichella@valueser.it
  • Massimo Borriello

    Massimo Borriello

    Senior Consultant m.borriello@valueser.it
  • Anna Luna Galia

    Anna Luna Galia

    European Funding Consultant al.galia@valueser.it
  • Anna Calenne

    Anna Calenne

    Technical Project Manager a.calenne@valueser.it
  • Gennaro Errico

    Gennaro Errico

    National Funding Manager g.errico@valueser.it
  • Stefania Atzeni

    Stefania Atzeni

    National Funding Consultant s.atzeni@valueser.it
  • Francesca Ferri

    Francesca Ferri

    Junior Consultant f.ferri@valueser.it
  • Lorenzo Moretti

    Lorenzo Moretti

    Local Manager – Milano l.moretti@valueser.it
  • Grazia Russo

    Grazia Russo

    Senior Consultant g.russo@valueser.it
  • Alessandro Bruno

    Alessandro Bruno

    Senior Consultant a.bruno@valueser.it
  • Francesca Stefanini

    Francesca Stefanini

    Consultant f.stefanini@valueser.it
  • Elisabetta Fava

    Elisabetta Fava

    Administrative Director e.fava@valueser.it
  • Cristiana Ulissi

    Cristiana Ulissi

    Database administrator c.ulissi@valueser.it