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Value Services S.p.a.

Value Services S.p.a. is a consulting firm with a focus on funding opportunities
 provided by European, National and regional institutions,
on the Startup-System, and on strategic financing,

Our story relies on more than 30 years of experience, helping our clients find loans and capitals to support investments in research and development, key elements of their success . 


National Funding: not an opportunity but a strategic tool for a healthy business management  

The origins

Value Services S.p.a. was founded in 1986 to manage subsidised financing  within the Olivetti Group.

  • The group

    Value Services Research S.r.l. was born in Jesi, in Marche, in 2012 to create a link between universities and companies in the territory . Currently, VSR coordinates several " supply chain “ projects, European Projects and Regional in the social and cultural context . 

  • Mission

    We consider innovation at the heart of every process: we offer highly specialized services in many industrial sectors, from manufacturing to ICT, from energy to the environment, from food to health. 

  • Strategy

    We work closely with our clients, guiding them in choosing the best solutions that are then followed by important infrastructure investments, complex research and innovation projects, as well as internationalization programs and risk capital interventions.

  • Over 430 clients

  • Over 3 billion Euros of grant awarded

  • Over 3.500 project proposals submitted

  • Success rate above 80%